Recommendation To Parents/Guardians

  1. Ensure your wards’ regularity, punctuality and decent behaviour.
  2. Kindly see that your ward’s textbooks and exercise books are labelled and carried according to the time table for the day. Extra books should be avoided to reduce the bag load.
  3. As the medium of instruction of the school is English, students should be motivated to converse in English at home also. Please encourage your ward to watch only useful programmes on T.V.
  4. You are advised to maintain regular contact with the school. We earnestly recommend that parents and guardians should go through their wards’ school diary daily and countersign at the specified areas.
  5. If your child is suffering from any infectious disease you are requested to send your ward to school only after he/ she is completely cured.
  6. It is always advisable to communicate with the school about the problems of your ward for seeking guidance. Please address your letters to the Principal after a discussion with Section Incharge.
  7. Please ensure to inform the school of any change in your address, designation, contact number, e-mail id etc. in the prescribed proforma.
  8. The students must be responsible for their own belongings. The school is not responsible in any manner for the same. Marking all belongings with name, class, UID No etc. is mandatory.
  9. Hazardous and costly items are banned in the school.
  10. Parents are requested to acknowledge all the academic reports of their ward promptly, be it the Report Card, answer script, assessment sheet or anything of similar nature.
  11. Please avoid criticising the school or teacher in the presence of your child. You are welcome to put forth your suggestions and complaints at the school reception or via e-mail.
  12. No Teacher is allowed to tutor his/her own students. Please do not request or pay the teachers for the same.
  13. Parents are requested to see off and receive their wards personally at the bus stop, along with their parent card especially classes KG-I to V. Please do not enter the school buses for any reason.
  14. Please do not get into an argument with the teachers, student(s), conductors or drivers in the buses. In case of any problem, please contact the School Office/Transport Incharge.
  15. The school has an equipped sick bay with a trained nurse round the clock. A registered doctor pays regular visit too. First Aid is provided by the school followed by a contact with the parents for further recourse.
  16. You can meet the Principal and Section Incharges during the PTMs and with prior appointment through the reception.