The School conducts morning Assembly every day. It is a congregation of teachers and students, where, besides prayers and community songs, the relevant information is passed on to all concerned. The Assembly schedule is pre-decided and each section is assigned a week to conduct the Assembly in rotation covering all the classes. Individual speakers from among the students speak on various informative and educative topics. These are called the ‘Star Speakers of the Day’. The Assembly will have “Star Performers” also, exhibiting their talent in the form of dance, musical performances, acts, skits, mimes, etc.

The purpose is to provide a platform for all the students for public speaking and showcase their talents. Once the student’s line up for the Assembly, a student invites and escorts the Principal to preside over it. A bell is rung which indicates the entry of the Principal in the Assembly.

The Assembly begins with the recitation of a Sanskrit Shloka from the Vedas which is then repeated by all the students. This is followed by its English translation. The Principal then reads out an English prayer which the children repeat after him. The School choir leads the prayer song that everyone sings along with living instrumental music.

The Principal announces the Kindly Classes (teachers substituting those on leave) and also makes other relevant announcements if any. Results of different competitions are announced in front of all and winners are awarded certificates and prizes. The Assembly ends with the National Anthem.

Saturday Assembly is presided over by teachers, in rotation.

Special assemblies are held to commemorate important events in the school.


In order to foster a sense of healthy competition and at the same time inculcate the qualities of leadership, team spirit, co-operation, mutual understanding and self-reliance, students have been grouped into four Houses named after four famous rivers of India.

Each house is mentored by a set of teachers. Together they act as tutors for the students of their house. They meet regularly to discuss the pupil’s progress and problems. They act as a vital link in the system acting as friends, advisors, and confidants. Various Inter-House competitions ranging from cultural to sporting, from public speaking to academic are organized to give necessary exposure to student’s all-round growth. For activities and competitions children arc divided into the following groups.

A child without education is like a bird without wings.