Co-scholastic Activities

As per the latest educational policy and in accordance with the philosophy of CSBE the Co-scholastic activities has been restructured as follows:


Art Education is a very important part of academics. It provides a constitutive factor for true and total education. The activities like Music(Vocal/Instrumental), Art & Craft, Dance (Contemporary/ Classical) are conducted under Art Education and student are required to select one of the following activities mentioned below. Each student should opt for one of these at the beginning of the session. Once a student is allotted an activity, he/she is not allowed to change it during the session. Students are assessed in these activities throughout the session. 


The School Library is open for the students during the school hours. At least one library period is assigned in the weekly schedule for each class. Students have to be observe the following rules:
1. They must carry I.D. Card and Almanac when they come to the Library. 

2. Students are not allowed to bring their personal books into the library.

3. They must maintain silence in the library.

4. The library has shelf system. Students can take books for reading from the shelf but they must replace the books in the same place.

5. Books issued should be returned to the library in a good condition. If a book is marked, disfigured, lost or damaged, the borrower will have to either replace the book with its new edition or pay double the recent price of the book.

6. Students can borrow books on their own cards only. Reference books will not be issued to students.

7. Books are issued for seven days and periodicals for two days. A fine of Rs. 5/- per book or periodical per day will be charged for returning books and periodicals after the due date.

8. The library adds to the academic ambience and empowers children for Olympiads, Quizzes & other scholarship programmes.