Withdrawl Process

These guidelines must be followed while withdrawing you ward from DPWS, Dhar:

1. Withdrawal from the school will be considered on a written request for the same by the parent or guardian of the child to the Principal at a calendar month’s notice. (Oral information shall not be entertained).

2. Fees for full semester inclusive of vacations has to paid, whatever be the time of withdrawal during academic year. School Leaving Certificate will be issued after full & final settlement of accounts/dues and clearance certificates from the concerned authorities.

3. Those who leave the school in May must pay the fees for June.

4. Transfer or withdrawal certificate will not be issued until all dues of the school are settled.

5. Students can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds:

   a) Disciplinary.

   b) Unsatisfactory progress in scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

   c) Not promoted to next higher class for two years. As a rule only those students will be retained on the roll of the school who can take the school leaving examination under 18 years of age.

6. A child failing twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school especially if he/she becomes overage for that class.