About The Student Organizers

The Student Organizers is an abridged handbook which provides a clear view of plans, policies, and norms under which a student should know how to conduct in the school. Students are expected to use it as an organizational tool to keep track of their homework and assignment due dates, scheduled tests, examinations, and other relevant school activities. It also allows them to note down their interest, goals, and achievements. Proper use of the organizers will help students to develop a habit of planning and organizing their work. It will encourage them to be a self-motivated learner.

Student Organizers aims at establishing an invaluable link between teachers, students, and parents. It aims to serve:

  1. As an all-in-one ready reckoner of the rules of the school.
  2. As a handy reference with regard to the schedule of exams and holidays
  3. As a mode of day-to-day correspondence between teachers & parents related to academics, absenteeism, inspection default, the discipline of the student, etc.
  4. As a tool through which the School provides notices related to different activities and event,

It is expected that parents review the Organizers daily, sign and respond to any comment or note written by the School faculty. Home assignment is given to reinforce what is learned by the student in the school, parents should countersign the same to signify its completion and provide an explanation of home assignments are not completed for any good reason.

Parent’s communication through the School Diary should be productive and confined strictly to the subject of the student’s work and his/her conduct. All other matters concerning the School should be dealt with personally or through a separate letter addressed to the Principal.

This Organizers serves as an effective tool of communication and help the pupil learn life skills of time management, recording, planning and being accountable for their work to become a responsible citizen in the future.

Students should treat the Organizers as a prized possession and bring it to the school every day to be used judiciously and with utmost care.