Awards And Felication

The school has various awards for the students in the school and those passing out from the school:

1. Scholar Badges for the students of classes VI onwards adjudged ‘scholars’ on the basis of their scholastic and co-scholastic performances in a year.

2. Trophies for proficiency in cultural activities.

3. Awards for 100% attendance.


1. All students from classes VI and VII securing Grade A2 in individual subjects (Scholastic Area – A) with at least B grade in all other areas will be awarded Scholar Badges. All students from Classes VIII and above securing 85% and above in all subjects will be awarded Scholar Badges .

2. All students who earned scholar badges for three consecutive years will be awarded Silver Star Badges with Cravats.

Note : In order to be eligible for the award a student is expected to pass/ get ‘A’ grade in all subjects without being absent in any of the practical and theory papers/ assessments for any reason whatsoever and also follow the required rules and regulations of the school.